Best of British Etiquette

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Discover the essentials of modern British etiquette in this in depth, informative and interactive course. From traditions and protocols, to contemporary customs and social expectations, discover the importance of modern manners and equip yourself with confidence for every situation.

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Focusing on both traditional etiquette and essential social skills, the Best of British Etiquette course translates traditional codes of conduct for the modern day. Formal protocols and rules are taught along with contemporary customs and expectations to ensure that the course is reflective of modern society.

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The course includes meeting and greeting, introductions and conversation, gestures and body language, social customs and expectations, dining and socialising, dress codes, traditional communication and digital manners. The content is flexible: Jo can focus specific areas of interest for each client.

Best of British Etiquette

Jo hosts private courses in a variety of locations and venues, for both individuals and groups.


Choose from a selection of London venues; alternatively, Jo can travel to a private residence to teach.


Jo teaches individuals and small groups; she can also arrange to host large parties or corporate groups.


Best of British Etiquette courses are either a half or a full day.


Please enquire for prices and options.


• ‘An empress of etiquette’ – The Telegraph •

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