British Dining Etiquette

For individuals and groups

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From formal fine dining and social occasions, to corporate functions and business dinners, Jo teaches the etiquette, expectations and protocols of modern British dining in this interactive, experiential and informative course.

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Learn about table settings and getting started, correctly using napkins, cutlery and crockery, handling side dishes, sauces and extras, decoding drinks and glasses, as well as managing tricky foods and avoiding mishaps.

manners matter

Jo teaches dining traditions, formal protocols and contemporary table conduct, along with amusing historical facts and cultural references, providing essential social skills, confidence and ease at the table.

British Dining Etiquette

Jo hosts private lessons in a variety of locations and venues, for both individuals and groups.


Choose from a selection of top London restaurants, and learn over lunch or dinner, or be taught in a private dining room in a restaurant or hotel. Alternatively, Jo can travel to a private residence to teach.


Jo teaches individuals and small groups; she can also arrange to host large parties or corporate groups.


British Dining Etiquette courses are approximately 2.5 hours.


Please enquire for prices and options.


• “I never knew that British dining etiquette is so different to Europe and North America” •

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