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Jo Bryant Aisle Style Bridal Workshops & Hen Parties

What is Aisle Style?

Aisle Style is a bespoke, two-hour bridal workshop with Jo Bryant. Learn how to wear your wedding dress with confidence, style and grace, and discover quick tips and tricks on how look good in photographs and overcome wedding day nerves.

Jo Bryant Aisle Style Bridal Workshops & Hen Parties

why aisle style?

Wearing a wedding dress is a unique experience: it is unlike anything you have ever put on. Add in wedding-day nerves and even the most confident bride can feel overwhelmed. Aisle Style aims to help you look great and feel at ease on your wedding day.

Jo Bryant Aisle Style Bridal Workshops & Hen Parties

Who is it For?

Aisle Style is for brides looking for that extra confidence and polish. It is fun, informal and tailored to your needs. Jo will teach deportment and poise; walking and sitting; tips for looking good on camera and video; how to hold a bouquet, and manage veils and trains.

aisle style

what will I learn?

How to Wear Your Wedding Dress

Learn how to wear your wedding dress with confidence
and achieve perfect deportment from head to toe.

  • Standing and posture work
  • Style and structure: decoding the dress
  • Relaxation and nerve-management tips

Walking, Standing & Sitting

Discover how to walk, stand and sit in your wedding dress with ease and grace, formally for the ceremony and informally for the reception.

  • Making an elegant entrance
  • It’s all in the hips: sitting and standing
  • Managing cars, steps and different scenarios

Look Good on Camera

Practical tips on working with your photographer and videographer to look good on film and screen, and feel confident to get the best shots.

  • How to look natural and portraiture tips
  • Learn to pose like a pro
  • Arranging dresses and veils for photos

Veils, Trains & Bouquets

Accessories, details, getting ready and tricky scenarios…
every aspect of the day is considered in detail.

  • Managing veils, trains and bustles
  • How to hold a bouquet
  • Last minute checks and avoiding pitfalls

Bespoke for Brides

Jo works closely with brides, tailoring Aisle Style to focus on areas specific to their needs and requirements.


Whether it is in-depth deportment work or learning how to pose for photographs, Jo will liaise with you in advance of the session to ensure that Aisle Style is relevant, useful and personalised to you.

Hen Parties & Groups

Jo welcomes groups for an Aisle Style consultation – for example the bride and her bridesmaids – and offers relevant advice to everyone involved.


Aisle Style is also the perfect hen party activity. Jo offers bespoke sessions and works closely with planners and bridesmaids to ensure it is a fun, suitable and enjoyable addition to a hen weekend.

Aisle Style


  • Aisle Style is a one-to-one, two-hour consultation
    You can also bring a non-participating companion
    (mother, bridesmaid etc) with you
  • Venue: somewhere convenient to you
    For example, your home, a hotel or private club; a venue
    can be arranged for an additional fee
  • Jo is based in London and Sussex, but will travel outside these areas
    Please enquire for practicalities and costs
  • Evenings and weekends available
  • After booking, Jo will ask for details of your wedding and wedding dress, along with areas of particular interest
  • Hen parties and groups are also welcome; please enquire for details

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