Mum Direction Workshop

what is mum direction?

Mum Direction is a workshop and support network for Sussex mums who want to relaunch their careers after a break raising kids. Through workshops, networking events and the Mum Direction Club, you can access the support and guidance you need to break your career break, with people who really understand.

who is mum direction?

Mum Direction has been launched by Emily Lomax and Jo Bryant, two local Sussex mums who run their own businesses. They believe that mums shouldn’t have to settle for less when it comes to a career choice that fits in with family life.

a unique opportunity

Pre-children, you studied long and hard, worked your way up and were career-motivated… now perhaps your children have all started school, or maybe you want to get your career going again while they are at nursery. You have the unique chance to relaunch and revitalise your career.

A new start

Your career break can empower you and provide you with options like never before. Mum Direction can get you going and help you to identify and achieve your goals, whether you want to retrain for a new sector or set up your own business.

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the workshop

Skills mapping and goal-setting
Work out what you can do and how to do it

Values, strength and ambition
Discover what really matters to you

Breaking your career break
How to talk / write about your time as a full-time mum

Elevator pitch and communication
Learn how to promote yourself and your professional self

Personal brand development
How to look the part and stand out from the crowd

Networking and social media strategy
The importance of communications in person and online

Soft skills and confidence
Perfect your body language, first impressions and small talk

Motivation and fresh perspectives
Work out why you are doing this and why you can do it

Next steps for new roles
Make a clear action plan and enjoy on-going support

I feel motivated, with tangible next steps to get where I want to be
Sussex Mum

The workshop outcomes

Have clarity on your values and how important it is that these form the basis of your career relaunch

Understand your key strengths, and have considered how to translate these into a new context

Be able to communicate your career break confidence and clarity

Be on the path to communicating your career relaunch with self-belief

Be equipped with practical tools to ensure that your networking (online and face-to-face) is effective and feels comfortable

Have explored your career relaunch hopes and fears with people who really understand

Have developed a support network of like minded mums and be a part of the Mum Direction Club

Be equipped with practical tools to develop your new personal brand

Understand where to get further support

Be on the path to relaunching your career!

workshop details

The workshop is one day, and is a small group (max 20). The feel is intimate, informal, personal and supportive. It is also interactive, participative and fun!


Doors open at 9.30 for coffee and croissants. We break for a light lunch, and finish with a glass of fizz or soft drink, and networking, at the end of the day.


You will receive a work-pack on arrival, which will give you everything you need for the day’s activities. When you leave, you will receive a takeaway-pack, crammed full of useful information and tools, to help you can continue your career relaunch journey with Mum Direction.

The Mum Direction Club

Attendees of the workshops automatically become members of the exclusive Mum Direction Club offering:


• Invitations to networking events and social occasions


• Access to other Club members offering support and networking


• Discounted personalised training opportunities with Emily and Jo

Mum Direction Workshop