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Jo Bryant


Jo gained 
a wealth of experience at Debrett’s, the arbiters 
of British etiquette, where she worked for over 10 years. She was an Expert Etiquette Tutor for the Debrett’s Academy and the editor of more than 15 acclaimed books on etiquette and modern manners.

An empress of etiquette
The Telegraph
The country's leading manners expert
Daily Express
Miss Manners herself
Alan Titchmarsh



Recognising the importance of excellent social skills and confidence in a competitive age, Jo offers professional etiquette training to businesses and brands, as well as tutoring private British and international clients.

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Jo has over a decade of media experience. She regularly appears on national television and radio, provides expert comment and advice for newspapers and magazines, and writes a variety of editorial articles.



She is an accomplished public speaker has given talks on modern etiquette at leading conferences and public events. Jo has experience of working with both large public audiences and smaller workshop groups.

tv radio


Jo has extensive experience of working with and representing brands as both an ambassador and PR spokesperson, from radio days and television appearances to press release contributions and editorial support.


areas of expertise

Digital Manners and Email Etiquette

British Protocols and Social Customs

Table Manners and Dining Etiquette

Afternoon Tea Etiquette and Traditions

Greetings, handshakes and social kissing

Posture, Poise and Deportment

Engagements, Wedding Planning and Etiquette

Funerals, Christenings and Milestone Events

Formal Events, Toasts and Speeches

Body Language and First Impressions

Letter-Writing and Stationery

Dress Codes: White Tie, Black Tie, Morning Dress

wedding services

Wedding Companion

Pay-as-you-go Planning Advice

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Aisle Style

Bridal Workshops & Hen Parties

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